Dvorak in America

Final Project

Students will create a 2-3 minute presentation video or slideshow based on a piece of music studied during this unit.

Students will work in groups of 3-4, and will self-assign the following roles:
Researcher (compiles answers to presentation questions, from research already conducted)
Photo/Music Editor (finds appropriate photos/music clips and edits them to fit the presentation)
Movie Maker (compiles written research information, photos, and music into the presentation)
Final Project Editor (checks final presentation for errors and to make sure sources are cited)

All students will participate in the creation of the presentation and can comment on how each aspect is being put together. In other words, each student has a say in all aspects of the production, but also has individual responsibility to make sure a specific section is completed.

Each project will include the following:
Dvorak in America Presentation Checklist
Check off here when task is completed
Choose one piece of music to present.
(you will only use a clip of it, not the full piece)

It may be an African American Spiritual mentioned in Dvorak in America, a movement or section from the New World Symphony, or a piece of Native American Music we listened to.

Include the title of the music you chose, in your presentation.

Circle which is true below, for the piece of music you are presenting:

This music was something that influenced the music Dvorak wrote while in America.


This music was was influenced by Native American music Dvorak heard while in America.


This music was influenced by African American music Dvorak heard while in America.

Include the above information in your presentation.

Using your WHAT DO YOU HEAR worksheet, include information on what you hear or heard in this music.

Examples can include:

How the music makes you feel
Instruments you hear
What images come up in your mind when listening

Give background information on this type of music, and include in your presentation, such as:

Who composed it?
Where it was composed
Who performed it?
Where was it performed?

What was the public reaction to this piece of music?

Include your answer in your presentation.

Your presentation must make clear the connection between your piece of music and Dvorak's compositions while in America.
Ask for help if you are confused about this.

Each presentation must contain music.

Each presentation must contain images that reflect the music, history, or Dvorak and people he knew. You can use art you find or create.

You must CITE THE SOURCES where you obtained your information, images, and music.