Day One

Discussion of reading questions (Chapters 2 &3).
Assign reading for this week (Chapters 4 & 5)

Go to this page:
Click on the blue, underlined words: "44 wax cylinder recordings" in the first line, second sentence.
Now find the songs below from the lists (look for the number before each song title - 6, 7, & 26)
Fill out the Song Comparison Chart by listening to each song below:
SONG #1- 6- He'dewachi Call
SONG #2- 7- He'dewachi Dance Song
SONG #3- 26- Mi'kachi Song
SONG #4- New World Symphony Mvmt. 3

Discussion of the answers to Song Comparison Chart.
Although these were not recordings that directly influenced Dvorak, these Omaha cylinder recordings were made between 1895 and 1898, close to the time that Dvorak lived in America and represent the kind of Native American music he was likely to have heard at that time.

Day Two

Students complete Song Compare Contrast Graphic Organizer using the Song Comparison Chart from Day One this week.
Discuss answers and turn in both chart and graphic organizer.
Continue completing online research on Antonin Dvorak and Harry Burleigh.